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 Flat Rate Air Duct Cleaning , air duct, cleaner, rotobrush, clean air ducts, ac vent cleaning, heat vents, allergens
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Upper East Side duct Cleaning:

  • Experienced and professional Indoor Air Quality Professionals.
  • We focus on Indoor Air Quality:
  • Specifically HVAC Air Duct systems, Furnace, and Air Conditioning systems.
  • We are truly Professional Cleaners who take pride in our work, and take care of your home or business.
  • Specializing in HVAC system, air duct cleaning, for greater Indoor Air Quality
  • Dryer vent cleaning too (for your safety and energy savings!)
  • Members of, and certified by, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association ( NADCA)
  • Serving eastern Baltimore, Harford and Cecil Counties in Maryland. Residential, Commercial,
  • Industrial and Restoration applications.
  • Technicians are well groomed, uniformed, experienced and well trained in all facets of
  • remediation for HVAC units duct work systems dryer venting systems.

Air duct Cleaning NYC in New York, You and your family deserve clean, comfortable indoor air from your HVAC system. You also deserve accurate, and low utility bills, as well. One way to achieve these ideals is to make sure that your ducts are kept clean and contaminant free. Neptune Air Conditioning specializes in inspecting and cleaning residential ducts for home dwellers in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. We offer convenient and affordable solutions that bring clean and fresh indoor air to you all year long.

Why is residential air duct cleaning service so important?

Residential air duct cleaning in Bronx, NYC: Did you know that every time your furnace, or residential air conditioning unit turns on, it sucks up pollutants and allergens right into the unit? Some particles are re-circulated back into the air, but others stay inside your HVAC system, and begin collecting on the walls and floors of your air ducts. These pollutants can consist of dust mites, pollen, bacteria, animal and human dander, drywall dust, cooking vapors, household chemicals, and many more! Because these pollutants are so small, many people are fooled into thinking that they are harmless. In reality, a little goes a long way in the dirty air duct business. For instance, one small teaspoon of dust from your air ducts can contain over half a million, dust mite fecal pellets. No wonder so many people suffer from coughing, sneezing, headaches, watery eyes and itchy skin when they breathe in dirty indoor air. Studies from the Environmental Protection Agency give alarming statistics about the quality of our residential indoor air (70% dirtier than our outdoor air) and there is no end in sight.

our process involves any number of 127 identifiable and distinct tasks. It demands an array of tools, machinery, and supplies. And, it includes our exclusive patented process, which involves the application of a metallic barrier in the air handler, eliminating fiberglass shedding and preventing the fiberglass from acting like an absorbent sponge, which collects dirt and moisture and creates a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and fungi.

Our technicians are trained in the complete step-by-step process, gaining a full understanding of not only how we clean to this high standard, but also why.

  • ‐ Removing and Washing of all registers or vents
  • ‐ Cleaning of all accessible ductwork from the register all the way to the trunk
  • ‐ Cleaning both the supply and return air trunks, as well as the return pans (I am always surprised that many duct cleaners forget them)
  • ‐ Cleaning accessible evaporator coil and plenum inside the air handler
  • ‐ Clean accessible Blower Wheel and motor
  • ‐ Clean Air Handler cabinet
  • ‐ Remove all trash, and debris collected from ducts
  • ‐ Seal all access ports to assure no leakage
  • ‐ installation of a premium pleated filter
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 Flat Rate Air Duct Cleaning , air duct, cleaner, rotobrush, clean air ducts, ac vent cleaning, heat vents, allergens

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